Keeping director details up to date

The name, address and appointment status of your company directors must be kept up to date on the Companies Register.

Filing your annual return

Your annual return, which includes your address, and details of directors and shareholders, must be updated on the Companies Register every year.

Removing a company

When you apply to remove your company from the Companies Register, our guide can help you complete the process.

News and notices

We've switched off our fax service

We switched off our fax services on Friday 19 November 2021. This means you can no longer send us documents or queries by fax but you can still upload documents such as consents online.

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Appeal reduces sentence for Sam Spence

On 30 September 2021 the sentence handed down to Sam Oliver Spence on 5 May 2020 for breaching insolvency and companies laws was reduced on appeal.

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Compliance relief for entities reinstated

The Government has reinstated temporary measures to help entities manage the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Temporary relief from certain compliance requirements

Temporary relief measures from certain compliance requirements may soon be reinstated.

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